The Game Master's Sword (also known as the GM Sword) is an item in Survive The Disasters 1 and Survive The Disasters 2.

In-Game Description

"Only the best can use this sword. Can't be upgraded, but has some extra powers from the other weapons in the store."


Game Master's Sword can hit into the lower 70s if lucky enough. It is a fusion of multiple gears.

  • Lightning Staff: This fires electricity at nearby targets, each dealing 4-5 damage. This is not a ranged attack, and only occurs at close range.
  • Auto-Heal: Not an actual item, but an upgrade. When holding the Sword, you are healed 5 HP per second.
  • Epic Katana: The sword has a dash similar to the Epic Katana. However, it has a longer cooldown time compared to the Epic Katana.

The Game Master Sword can't be upgraded using Orbs, however.

Game Pass

Previously, when a player had the Game Master Sword Gamepass, the sword's Coin cost was only discounted. Over time, however, this discount grew until it eventually became free in Version 1.15. It was initially 30% off before it became 50% off, and after Vyriss asked for feedback on game difficulties, it grew again to 70%. It is now free in the Shop for players with the Gamepass, as per all other Gamepass that provides free Gear from the Shop.


  • The Game Master Sword was originally in Survive The Disasters 1.
    • There is a bug, when equipted, you'll gain a speedwalk. Unequipping it will keep the Speed Boost. Holding the Speed Coil or the Epic Katana will fix the speedwalk.
  • This can be a good weapon for early S-ranks and lower ranks who bought the gamepass. However, most people prefer Darkheart and Epic Katana with legendary orbs update, mostly higher S ranks.