This gear has been removed.

The Game Master's Coil, or GM Coil for short, was the most powerful coil in Survive The Disasters 2. It acted as a combination of the Speed Coil, Gravity Coil, and Regen Coil. When equipped, white 'smoke' would surround the player's hand.

In-Game Description

"A special coil a Game Master uses. Cannot be upgraded."


This coil had higher gravity and speed than the Fusion Coil, which used to be the best coil in the game until this coil was released. Its uses were simple:

  • Greater speed to outrun enemies and travel across the map quickly.
  • Less gravity to outjump enemies and go to higher places.
  • Health regeneration to heal yourself. It heals 8 health per second.


  • It was first revealed in the hardcore demo video, but wasn't talked about at all.
  • It was voted to be the most preferred Game Master's gear in the game.
  • As stated in the in-game item description, the Game Master's Coil cannot be upgraded.
  • The sound effect that the Game Master's Coil makes when being drawn is from the game UNDERTALE, in the final boss fight of a True Pacifist playthrough.
  • This gear was removed in Version 1.30, being replaced with the Fusion Coil.
  • In the April 8 patch of Survive The Disasters 4, players that joined were given a free GM Coil.
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