The First Aid Kit is an item from Survive the Disasters 2 that was first introduced in Version 1.22. Its primary purpose is heal players, acting as a temporary one-use "heal button" for a player who needs it.

In Game Description

"Aid yourself or nearby survivors with this health-replenishing aid kit."


When clicked, the player will throw the pack in any direction. All players, including the player who threw the pack, can pick up the First Aid Kit to regenerate 50 health. The health a player heals when picking up the First Aid Kit can be increased up to 75 with the Extra Bandages orb.


  • While playing, especially in Hardcore Mode, using the First Aid Kit to heal Pacifist Mode player can earn a good chunk of coins from the Supporter bonus.


  • In Version 1.38, when the First Aid Kit is dropped, it displays an image above of the owner of the First Aid Kit.
  • The Faster Bullet orb can be applied to the First Aid Kit; however, as the First Aid Kit has a very poor throwing velocity, the orb will only boost its velocity by a minimal percent.

Icon of the player who dropped their First Aid Kit.

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