Falling Hoops is a Bonus Round in Survive The Disasters 2. It was added in version 1.21.


"Hoops are coming from the sky! There are three point hoops: 64, 32, and 16! You can only collect them once. You are able to share hoops with others, so no worries about getting one first!"


Players must go through hoops that slowly descend towards the ground to win rewards. Its size and how fast it falls varies with the prize. Each hoop gives 16, 32, or 64 Coins.


Blue Hoops: Give 16 coins each to the player with a large range and travel down slowly.

Yellow Hoops: Give 32 coins each to the player with a normal range and travel down normally.

Red Hoops: Give 64 coins each to the player with a small range and travel down the fastest.


  • If you joined the server in the middle of the disaster, you will still be able to run through the hoops and collect the coins afterwards.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4, the Disaster warning was renamed to “descending donuts”.
  • Hoops have received more additional points than the Tokens in Version 1.37.
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