Epic Sauce is a gear in Survive The Disasters and Survive The Disasters 2.

In-Game Description

"When at a risk, you take greater risks by drinking this extremely hot bottle!"


Epic Sauce is an item that grants a temporary speed boost when consumed. Once the speed boost is over, the user will suffer 20 damage, which can be reduced with its unique Orb; Flame Tongue.

Effects of item

  • Increases speed for 6 seconds.
  • Player suffers 20 damage after the previous effects wear off.


  • This item grants the third most powerful speed boost (after Epic Katana and Game Master's Sword )
  • If you equip a Legendary Flame Tongue Orb, Legendary Refiller Orb, and Legendary Auto-Heal Orb, the damaging effect is eliminated, as you heal up about instantly after taking the damage.
  • The Epic Sauce's damage can be applied on Immunity orb.
  • Previously, this would cause its user to spin around on consumption.
  • This effect will cancel if the Bloxiade, Speed Coil, or Fusion Coil is used,
  • Despite it being a rather forgettable item overall, it grants the ability to run faster while using other items, which makes it effective if you're attempting to outrun an enemy while simultaneously dealing damage.
    • However, when equipping the Speed Coil or Fusion Coil, when the Epic Sauce boost ends, the speed boost from the coils will cancel. When this happens, you must re-equip the coil to get back the speed boost from the coils.
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