Epic Duck Classic

Not to be confused with Epic Duck, the version in Survive The Disasters 2.

Epic Duck, also known as "TEH EPIC DUCK IS COMING!!!", is a disaster in Survive The Disasters.


A giant rubber duck will appear at the south side of the map and start to chase the players. Epic Duck has a fast speed, can fly, and instantly kills players, making this disaster very dangerous. It's also notable that the map gets covered with water, though this is purely an aesthetic change and has no effect on movement.


  • This is one of the oldest disasters in the game.
  • This disaster is a reference to ROBLOX's deprecated Super Safe Chat feature, which provided players below the age of 13 with prewritten messages. One such message was "TEH EPIC DUCK IS COMING!!!"
  • Killing the duck awards 80 points to the player who killed it.
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