Not to be confused with Dynamite (Item).


Dynamites is a raining disaster in Survive The Disasters 2. It also appears in Survive The Disasters.


"Large dynamites will fall from the sky! It takes about 6 seconds for them to detonate. Distance yourself away from these bombs best as possible, as they have a large blast radius of 36. Scroll out all the way to know where they're landing!"

Hyper Memo

"Comparing to the standard version, dynamites fall down more frequently and detonates quicker. They have an explosive blast radius of 48."

Impossible Dynamites

The dynamites fall at a very fast rate and explode almost instantly after hitting the ground. They also tend to bounce around more.

In an upcoming update(v42 update.), Impossible Dynamites will be nerfed so that it has a smaller blast radius and it's fuse time is extended by a bit.


  • The dynamite explosion's blast radius is slightly larger than the size of the dynamite itself.
  • After a stick of dynamite explodes, it will spew out some spherical gunpowder, even though they don't deal any damage.
  • It is possible for a stick of dynamite to fall directly on the player, and pin them down. This results in certain death.
  • Hyper and Impossible Dynamites were added in Version 1.415
  • In Survive the disasters 3, if the announcement says blue spheres, dynamites would fall. This was patched after the rerelease.
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