The Darkheart is a sword in Survive The Disasters 2. It regenerates a certain amount of your health when it touches the body of an enemy that was slain by the sword.

In-Game Description

"Powerful sword enchanted by a mysterious dark spirit, that can heal you when taking your enemies' lives."


The Darkheart deals 50 damage per swing. When you terminate the enemy with this sword, your health will be restored based on the enemy's maximum health; this can be increased with the Life-Steal Orb.



An electric Ninja affected by the Darkheart.

  • This gear is based off one of the weapons in the Roblox game "Sword Fight on the Heights IV", made by Roblox administrator stickmasterluke.
  • Before Version 1.26, Darkheart used to be able to life-steal more than once from a same enemy. However, this is no longer the case, as enemies affected by the Darkheart will break.
  • When Bloxxing an enemy with the Darkheart, you can hear it making a sound effect of the POW Block from the Super Mario Series while the enemy's body parts turn black and fly off in random directions.
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