Daily Rewards are a Mechanic in Survive The Disasters 2.



The Daily Reward Menu, with rewards READY to be claimed.


The Daily Reward Menu, with rewards NOT READY to be claimed. Note the timer.

Daily rewards are used to incentivize players into returning to the game daily, in an effort made by Vyriss to increase the average concurrent player count.

The player will be rewarded with different kinds of reward based on a 24-hour countdown, and will only reward tiers after the timer has expired. The rewards are ordered increasing order of usefulness. The reward tier the player will receive is highlighted in green and has a small triangular arrowhead pointing to it. (refer to picture)

To claim their daily reward, the player has to click the 'CLAIM' button on the Daily Login Reward menu. The menu appears immediately after the player has selected a game mode to join.


There are a total of 14 different Daily Reward 'Tiers', each tier representing one day the player has logged into the game. Some reward tiers give out different kinds of Orbs, while others give out coins and even random gears. Rewards of each tier:

Reward Tier Reward awarded
Tier 1
500 Coins
Tier 2
Random Gear (gives a random gear from the Gear Shop upon claim)
Tier 3
1500 Coins
Tier 4
Random Rare Orb
Tier 5
2500 Coins
Tier 6
3500 Coins
Tier 7
Random Epic Orb
Tier 8
4500 Coins
Tier 9
6000 Coins
Tier 10
Random Unique Orb
Tier 11
8000 Coins
Tier 12
10000 Coins
Tier 13
15000 Coins
Tier 14
Random Legendary Orb


  • The Daily Rewards mechanic was first teased on June 19 2019, first teased on a Twitter post made on the @SurviveTD2 Twitter page.
    • The mechanic was confirmed in a Twitter reply on June 22 2019, then subsequently implemented in the Version 1.40 update.
  • In Version 1.41, the coin prizes has been increased.
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