Crimson Balrog is a boss in Survive The Disasters 2.


Two balrogs are ambushing the map! They will chase down any nearest player. They will stop chasing a target if they are too fast to them, or if they are well covered. They are fast and dangerous. It's recommended to use a speed equipment to successfully escape their range. You can hide from them, but they still can destroy breakable parts. They launch electric spheres that deal 30-35 damage.

Hyper Crimson Balrog

Instead of two balrogs, it has one balrog on the Geist Balrog phase 3 version. It is faster and launches bigger electric spheres that deal 30-40 damage each which is hard to avoid without tools and can damages players several times depends on the time player stayed in the sphere. And have shield that reduced 80% the damage it receives. Can also summon lightning strikes which deal around 20-30 damage each if you're near the boss. Hyper Balrog also has increased health.


  • It is the only disaster to have two of the same boss.
  • If poisoned, then the grey form they become after death turns neon green.
  • In 2017 April Fools update, the name changed to "Big Bang Patch".
  • Crimson Balrog is one of the four boss disasters to have Hyper mode. This were added in Version 1.22.
  • In April Fools 2018, its hyper version was replaced with its impossible version, lasting for 2 minutes instead of original 30 seconds.
  • There is a chance in a Double Trouble or Triple Threat, it'll display Crimson Balrog Twice, players are going to survive 4 Crimson Balrog's instead of 2.