Crimson Balrog is a boss in Survive The Disasters 2.


"Two balrogs are ambushing the map! They will attack a random target. They will stop chasing a target if they are too fast for them, or if they are well covered. They are fast and dangerous, it's recommended to use a speed equipment to successfully escape their range. You can hide from them, but they still can destroy breakable parts. They launch electric spheres that deal 30 ~ 35 damage."

Hyper Crimson Balrog

Instead of two balrogs, it has one balrog on the Giest Balrog phase 3 version. It is faster and launches bigger electric spheres that deal 70 damage each which is hard to avoid without tools and can damages players several times depends on the time player stayed in the sphere. And have shield that reduced 80% the damage it receives. Can also summon lightning strikes which deal 30 damage each if there are more than 2-3 people near it. Hyper Balrog also has increased health.


  • It is the only disaster to have two of the same boss.
  • If poisoned, then the grey form they become after death turns neon green.
  • If the Giest Balrog is killed, it will glow white before disappearing.
    Screenshot (7)

    Giest Balrog dying.

  • In 2017 April Fools update, the name changed to "Big Bang Patch".
  • Crimson Balrog is one of the four boss disasters to have Hyper mode. This were added in Version 1.22.
  • In April Fools 2018, the Hyper Variant of Crimson Balrog had it's timer changed to 120 seconds, which is considered a superboss, along the likes of Hyper Reaper and Hyper Black Mage. Geist Balrog(the name for the hyper variant) remains unchanged.
  • There is a chance in a Double Trouble or Triple Threat, it'll display Crimson Balrog Twice, players are going to survive 4 Crimson Balrog's instead of 2.
  • TwoGiestBalrogs

    2 Geist Balrogs seen.

    There is a chance in a Double Trouble or Triple Threat in Hardcore Mode, it'll display Crimson Balrog Twice, players are going to survive 2 Geist Balrog's (Hyper Crimson Balrogs contain 1 Geist Balrog) instead of 1.
  • As of Version 1.41, Crimson Balrog's health has been increased from 2800 to 4000 while the bloxxer has been increased from 700 to 900.
  • Crimson Balrog is the only disaster in the game to have wings.
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