Checkers is a map first introduced in Survive The Disasters 4, it's normal theme was later added to the Corrupted version of Survive The Disasters 2 during the Hardcore Mode testing . 


The map is completely made up of a yellow and grey checker pattern. The skybox is entirely black except for the ceiling, which cycles through every color besides neutral colors (brown, black, and white) and lights up the map based on the color of the ceiling. The map is made of many structures that are packed closely together.

Key Features

  • A consistent yellow and grey checker pattern
  • Constantly changing ceiling and lights
  • Two pillars that reach into the sky
  • Many structures placed closely together
  • An linear group of rings around the map.

MM Version

In the Murder Mystery version of Checkers, the tiles are all blue and white, while the lights are also constantly changing colors. Since it's the Murder Mystery version of the map, the Gear Shop isn't present nor the rings.

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