Caterdriller is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2 for Version 1.39.


"Caterdriller drills its way out of the ground! There's a 50% chance Caterdriller will burrow below a random player and a 50% chance it'll target a random player."

Hyper Memo

"Comparing to the standard Caterdriller, this one digs and moves faster."


When the disaster starts, the Caterdriller will pick a random spot on the baseplate to emerge from. At the selected entry point, dirt will pile out for a couple of seconds, before the Caterdriller itself emerges from the entry point. The Caterdriller is a red large caterpillar with a drill on its nose that emerges from the ground, flies briefly through the air, and falls back down. The exit point of the Caterdriller will have a 50% chance to be deliberately placed under a surviving player or either a random point of the map. Touching any part of the Caterdriller will result in instant death. (OHKO)

Impossible Caterdriller

The Caterdriller is now painted fully black and digs up, and down at a faster rate. Previously, it would dig up from where it had last dug down, but this was changed in a later update, and hence, it acts just like the Hyper Variant, targeting a new location after it had dug down.


  • The concept for Caterdriller was first announced on March 26, on Survive The Disasters 2's Twitter page.
  • It is recommended that players use speed boosting gear such as Speed Coil, Epic Katana or Epic Sauce to quickly move out of the way of the Caterdriller's path.
  • Some players believed Hyper Caterdriller is harder than Impossible Caterdriller because Hyper Caterdriller's random entry point is much harder to predict than Impossible Caterdriller's same exit-entry point.
  • This changed in a later update, making it harder than it's Hyper Variant.
  • This is also the only time where a Hyper Variant of a disaster is considered harder than it's Impossible Variant.
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