Castle Gardens (previously known as "Mossy Ruins") is a map in Survive The Disasters 2.



The map takes place in a fantasy-like field that holds a ruin. The whole map is filled with trees, massive pillars, and rubble. Surrounding the map is a massive wall. There is also a bridge to the west of the map, showing there used to be a river that flowed through this once glorious civilization.


Castle Gardens gets an night version with a more frightening look. Its colors drastically change from orange, gray, and green, to purple, gray, and white. The skybox is changed to a night sky with black clouds and a full moon. The map is also filled with a heavy fog and all the flowers are removed.

Key Features

Asterisk (*) indicates features that were added in Version 1.28.
  • A tower with a blue flag.
  • A fort that replaces the house.
  • Massive pillars to take cover for disasters like Bombers, Missile Launcher and Thunderstorm.
  • Pieces of stone buildings the player can jump on if they're too far away from the fort to get to safety.
  • A bridge on the west side of the map.
  • The remains of what looks like a giant stone guard.
  • A stall located near the tower.*


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