"The cake is the truth." - ROBLOX
Cake is a disaster from Survive The Disasters 1 and Survive The Disasters 2.


8 large pieces of cake is ambushing on the map! Cake slices are very fast, and deal 22 damage when they come in contact. They have walkspeed of 28 and have a jump power of 100. They charge at nearest survivor so staying away from them or hiding under a narrow area where they're too big to reach would be best to option to survive.

Hyper Cake

The cake splits into twelve slices instead of eight slices. The slice move a little bit faster.


  • Its hitbox is actually much smaller than it appears; just because you are inside of the cake doesn't mean you are taking damage from the cake.
    • If the Cake is dead, you can still take damage from the cake.
    • It was fixed in unknown update.
  • Hyper Cake is immune to Dooms Touch