Bombers is a disaster from Survive The Disasters 2. It also appears in Survive The Disasters as a single bomber.

Its Hyper version was removed in the beta version.

However, a new version of it was added in Version 1.34.


Random bombers will come from a side of the map. It will drop bombs nearby any random player. Bombers are quite dangerous, their radical aim is quite large, so you may need some sort of speed equipment to avoid it all completely.

Old Hyper Bombers

The bombers drop three bombs instead of one. Also, three planes aim at a player so three bombs can be dropped.

Current Hyper Bombers

Hyper Bombers

Hyper Bombers

A clip of the current Hyper Bombers.

Bombs themselves are recoloured red to signal this change. It explode multiple times after landing, creating a clusterbomb effect, making the explosion area affect bigger.