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Black Mage is a boss in Survive The Disasters 2.


Black Mage attacks with black magic! She can cast a poison gas nearby a random survivor with a decent radius, damaging 18 per second if you're in it. She can summon giant fireballs from the sky that deal 80 damage per hit! She also has a healing ability that can regain 300 health when she has taken damage.

Hyper Black Mage

Hardcore Dark Mage

Hardcore Dark Mage

89 second clip of Hardcore Dark Mage. (SUPER BOSS BATTLE) Note the difference between the Hyper and regular variant attacks.

Hyper Black Mage, known as the Dark Mage, receives a significant buff to her health and damage, alongside a new set of attacks. Her clothing is re-textured to have a darker tone. Dark fogs will also occur on the map. Fireballs summoned by Dark Mage are now purple in color. Dark Mage has four attacks and an healing move:

  • Heal: Heals 1000 HP instead of the regular 300.
  • Beam: Summons a beam in the middle of the map, which will summon 8 fireballs that are thrown outwards 3 times (total 24 fireballs), instantly killing anyone who touches it.
  • Gas: Places a purple poison area that deals 20 damage per tick, and it darkens the screen of players who are hit, creating a 'blind' effect.
  • Launched Fireballs: Receives a dark aura, meanwhile summoning 5 fireballs. Those fireballs will be launched at players after a few moments, dealing 50 damage.
  • Spinning Fireballs: Throws a single giant X or dispersed hexagon of instant-kill fireballs towards players. It will also spin while flying in mid-air.

Lasts for 150 seconds in Hardcore Mode.


  • Black Mage is female, as the Memo uses feminine pronouns to describe her abilities.
  • If you manage to kill Black Mage before the round ends, a large black beam will surround her and she will disappear. This is similar to how Reaper behaves.
  • Black Mage is one of the only bosses that can heal themselves, the other being Giant Zombie.
  • Black Mage is based on Vyriss' previous costume (Also known as VyrissTheVixen).
  • In the April Fools 2017 update, Black Mage turned white. Her fireballs were slower and were also white; they also only dealt 75 damage, five less than the regular Black Mage. She Also Healed 10 health rapidly.
    • If White Mage was defeated, she would summon her black beam, but not disappear.
  • Before, fireballs dealt 60 damage while the poison gas dealt 25. In Version 1.23, the damage of fireballs and poison gas is increased and decreased respectively.
  • In Version 1.25, Black Mage received Christmas-themed clothes.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4, Black Mage warning changed to "magic grill".
  • The Hyper variant of Black Mage is also referred to as 'Dark Mage' .
  • Dark Mage has more HP than Black Mage
  • Hyper Black Mage's (Dark Mage) fireballs block projectiles shot from ranged gears.


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