Avalanche is a natural disaster from Survive The Disasters 2. It also appears in Survive The Disasters 1.

"Climb to the very top!"

- Mountain Climber badge.


"An avalanche will rise from the floor, spawning 32 deadly balls of snow. The snowballs are instant-kill, it is wise to hide inside a building or behind a wall from where it's coming from."

Hyper Memo

"Comparing to its standard version, there are 64 snowballs that roll down and the fog is denser. The hill rises up faster, to decrease spawn delay. The snowball size average is a little higher."


  • If you climb up to the top of the Mountain, you obtain the badge 'Mountain Climber'.
  • In the Beta, snow was so slippery, so it was likely very hard to reach the top.
  • If this disaster is in a Double Trouble with Stonetroid, the Stonetroid will die from the Avalanche. This is a bug.
  • In beta version, the icon was a snowflake.
  • Hyper Avalanche was added in Version 1.415.
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