Alexnewtron is a boss in Survive The Disasters 2.


The creator of MeepCity and Roblox Dodgeball appears! Alex is an intense dodgeball player that launches 5 deadly dodgeballs at players nearby every 3 seconds. Each ball deals 48 damage and destroys buildings as well as also stunning, it's best you distance yourself away from him far as possible.

Hyper Alexnewtron

Alexnewtron throws Yoshi Eggs instead of Dodgeballs, which is clearly a reference to Yoshi from the Super Mario franchise. The Yoshi Eggs are bigger than dodgeballs and they trap you if you touch them. He also tends to jump more often than his normal version.


  • Each ball deals different amounts of damage depending on how many times they hit another object. 48, 29 and 12.
  • When hit by a dodgeball, you will be forced to sit, and unable to move unless you jump.
    • If his dodgeball hits you while you are in mid-air, you will be knocked far away.
  • It is considered by many players that this is the hardest boss to kill due to the fact he has a small hitbox and jumps very frequently.
    • Even though, it is quite easy to survive compared to other bosses.
  • Alexnewtron is a direct reference to the ROBLOX game developer Alexnewtron, who made Dodgeball! and MeepCity.
    • Alexnewtron is a friend of Vyriss.
  • Before Version 1.25, Alexnewtron wore a black shirt with the MeepCity Logo and jeans. Now he wears a red suit and red jeans.
  • Alexnewtron is one of five bosses to have Hyper mode. This was added in Version 1.33.
  • Alexnewtron uses the same themes as Giant Noob and Giant Zombie.