Acid Depths is a map in Survive The Disasters 2.


Acid Depths Side Screenshot

Acid Depths' Acidic theme.

Acid Depths takes place inside a cave, with various stone structures, plants, crystals and other natural details. This map is separated in various themes, these are: Acidic, crystal, quartz, and an unused one for lava. This map used to be short in space, which made it different from other maps.

Key Features

  • Various themed coloured moss.
  • Small hills with acid inside.
  • Under the stage, there's constantly rising and sinking acid.
  • Some floor tiles surrounded by small lights on the left and right sides.
  • Some crystals (only on crystal theme).
  • Some terrain that hangs over for shelter.
  • 2 towers


  • This map is based on Brinstar, a location in the Metroid series.
    • This explains why the map was called Brinstar in the Beta version.
  • It is the smallest map to date, as almost every wall is untouchable.
  • This used to be one of the most hated maps in the game, due to its lack of high ground and the inability to reach corners.
  • In version 1.38, V_yriss expand this map and add some new features.
  • Acid Depths is 1 of 4 maps that has Access to the Void with the other 3 being City Park, Sky Ruins, and Galantasy. It also has the most Void Space making disasters such as Soccer Balls and Raining Tacos easy to fall off the map.
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